Packaging Machinery Safety and Maintenance Tips

Packaging machines are very simple to use and can wrap a variety of products to improve their appearance, as well as offer tamper evidence and protection. Through the application of a few simple cleaning and safety tips you will ensure you consistently obtain the optimum performance from your packaging machinery.

You should always remember that packaging machines are an electrical appliance; there is therefore an invariable risk of potential electric shock or fire hazard if a machine is not in an appropriate location. Make sure that any system is in a work area that is clean and dry and connect only to a correctly determined power supply.

Naturally packaging machines should be placed well out of the reach of children and a shrink wrapping machine should never be used for anything other than its intended purpose. You should not try to seal with materials other than the plastic film shrink wrap that the machine is designed to use. Your packaging machinery should be stored in a well lit location that is indoors and away from direct heat and moisture.

Caring for your Packaging Machinery

Be sure to leave packaging machinery unplugged when it is not in use to again prevent any potential safety risks.  If you need to clean your packaging machinery do not use abrasive materials to clean the shrink wrap sealer heating element. The shrink wrapping process will require consumable parts on the sealing head to be maintained and replaced when necessary.

The heating element, or cutting blade, consists of a wire with PTFE Teflon tape over it; to safely clean this heating wire firstly remove the pad from the channel under the sealer arm, then pull it down and allow any residue to burn off – you should seek Kempner’s guidance initially on this aspect. Use a recommended cleaning tool to remove anything still sticking to the sealer arm. When you apply any new parts, it is essential that the wire is sufficiently cooled down before doing so. For the bottom a new piece of PTFE Teflon tape should be added onto sealing pad, where you will also need to use the appropriate sized PTFE Teflon tape.

Kempner provides top quality yet affordable packaging machinery UK wide, and has packaging machines to deal with all shrink wrapping specifications and requirements. By following routine maintenance procedures you will maintain and improve your packaging machinery’s performance, avoid expensive repair costs, and ensure its longevity.

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