Sleeve Sealers & Sleeve Tunnels

For products, where the primary aim is to provide strength and security during shipment, using a durable or heavy duty wrapping film, we offer a range of Sleeve Sealers, and compatible shrink tunnels.s-sealer-2m

Typically, the types of items wrapped in this way can include, cans, cartons, bottles, larger household items, as well as longer items, such as timber, or moulded panels.

s-sealermThe film will form a “sleeve”, which is shrunk tightly around the pack, to leave two small openings on opposite faces of the pack. The wrapping material used on these machines is normally Polyethylene, which is available in heavy gauges, and can provide the necessary pack strength and protection for packs in transit. The object of this wrapping method is that of security and strength.

Our machines are available in both monoblock and modular formats ie with the sealer and tunnel within one chassis, or separated to two machines. The factors to consider here are the pack size, and the corresponding necessary width of the machine, and the footprint in relation to space.


We can offer Sleeve Sealers in which packs are fed in-line to the sealing head, or machines in which packs are side fed, followed by a pusher to get the pack to the film and sealer head. The most suitable process for any customer’s application will depend upon the specific application, for example pack size and configuration, production speed, and budget.

Accordingly, we are able to offer equipment in manual both manual and semi-automatic formats, and with a choice of infeed pack preparation.

We suggest that you contact us with your actual requirements, and we will discuss the options with you to arrive at the optimum solution.