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6 Products That are Great to Shrink Wrap

No matter where you go and how you live, it is difficult in the Western world to live without shrink wrap. Most products in shops have been shrink-wrapped, if not when you buy them, then almost certainly when being transported. In this article, we discuss some of the most commonly shrink-wrapped products and why people […]

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A History of Polyethylene

Despite not even being theorised a century ago, today, polyolefin shrink wrap is in huge demand. There has been a century of rapid innovation that has led to us being able to use the stuff today. In this article, we explore the unlikely history of polyethylene.

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What is a polyolefin?

Polyolefin shrink wrap is a widespread shrink wrap material, but what exactly polyolefins are can be confusing. Here at Kempner, we have written a brief guide to polyolefins to explain what they are and why they are so popular around the world, not least for shrink wrapping solutions.

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How Shrink Wrap Machinery Revolutionised the Food Industry

In the pre-war period, most fruit and vegetables were bought at greengrocers or food stores. They were weighed and charged for the weight of what they purchased (as each item had different weight) and left ‘naked’ – unpackaged’ – for consumers to look through and examine. Barely a decade after the war ended, almost every […]

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Types of Warehouse Storage

With numerous storage methods available for warehouses, it can be hard to distinguish which is best suited to your application. However, it’s better to approach with a practised process, instead of going in blind. Read on as we break down four different storage methods, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Static Shelving By […]

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Shrink Wrap Preparation Guide

Shrink wrapping products is a great way to keep items protected, as well as keep pallets loads sturdy. To shrink wrap properly it’s important to put time and thought toward preparation. Failure to do so can result in errors, wasted time and end up being extremely wasteful. Read on to find out the steps you […]

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