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A damaged package

How to Avoid Damaged Goods and Returns with Packaging

The fundamental role of any packaging solution is to protect a product from when it leaves the suppliers hands, to when it arrives in the customers’. One of the main frustrations for a consumer who has decided to purchase an item online is to receive something that is either damaged or faulty. Consumers expect their […]

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shrink wrapped items ready for Christmas

Tips to Optimise Your Packaging Line in Time for Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for brick and mortar stores and online retailers. With record-breaking sales, an influx of lorries and delivery vans on the roads and the expectation of products arriving in time for Christmas, the demands on businesses is never higher than over the festive period. When these demands […]

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A supermarket with flexible packaging on the shelves.

Flexible Packaging Market Set to Continue to Grow

Have you heard of the term flexible packaging? The new and innovative solution is now frequently being used across various markets and is featuring on shelves across the world. Find out how your business and product could benefit from adopting the pioneering material. Flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing, and largest sector within […]

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A person designing product packaging

5 Rules for Product Packaging

With most products, to create, design and produce the item takes a range of resources. Packaging can often be overlooked, rushed or have little money spent on it, but, it is the product packaging that can differentiate your item from competitors, so it is vital for businesses to carefully consider the following tips, to ensure […]

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A women looking at products on a supermarket aisle.

5 Packaging Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Packaging is a vital part of a product and business. Within seconds of seeing the product, the consumer has made up their mind on the perceived quality and value of an item. In such a competitive market, these seconds are vital for businesses who are striving to achieve a sale. Many businesses, both established and […]

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Cucumbers and tomatoes.

War on Food Waste – Wrapping Fruit and Vegetables

Many fruits and vegetables come with their own protection, one that nature has provided. It can be infuriating to many consumers going into supermarkets or corner shops to see an additional shrink wrap protection added to these goods but, there is a good reason why this packaging solution is used and it is to reduce […]

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products in a supermarket refrigerator.

Four Reasons Why Product Packaging is So Important

The perceived quality of a product, the reliability of the quality and the fulfilment of the function of the product are key elements in securing a repeat purchase, although, there is a lot more to achieving an initial sale than the raw product itself. The presentation of a product does a considerable amount of work […]

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