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Shrink Wrap FAQ’s

Shrink wrap is widely acknowledged as one of the most straightforward methods of packaging an item. With its ability to wrap objects no matter what their shape or size, it has proven to be an effective method. With this in mind, you probably have a vast array of questions regarding its use which you wish […]

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Shrink wrapping plates using shrink wrap machinery.

How to Fix Common Shrink Wrap Problems

If you aren’t familiar with the process of shrink wrapping, it is a really efficient way of packaging and can improve your business by lowering costs of transport as well as money spent on external packaging. The process is simple as all you need is shrink wrapping machinery and shrink wrap plastic. With this packaging type, […]

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Shrink wrapping seafood: a combination of seafood and claws in a metal dish

5 Reasons to Shrink Wrap Seafood

From building materials to pharmaceuticals, linen to drinks bottles, shrink wrap is suitable for packaging a wide variety of goods. However, those from the catering industry may ultimately benefit from this versatile packaging, which can be used to keep foods fresh and unspoiled. Yet, while it is common for fruit, veg and meat suppliers to […]

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The Top 7 Products to Shrink Wrap: A black and white design stating the top seven products to shrink wrap

The Top 7 Products to Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is one of the most popular forms of packaging, used by companies around the world to package a large variety of goods. Here at Kempner, when it comes to shrink wrap, we certainly know our stuff; however, for many new or developing businesses, deciding whether this type of packaging is right for them […]

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Biodegradable Shrink Wrap: A biodegradable object slowly decomposing

Go a Little Greener with our new JBIO Film

Here at Kempner, we openly support going green and like many companies, hold great concern about the impact of plastic waste on the environment. However, while product innovations in several business sectors have resulted in the advent of more sustainable goods, fully biodegradable shrink wrap has not yet been achieved. This is no secret to […]

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Unilever Partnership: Two plastic water bottles side by side

Unilever Partnership Set to Create Ground-Breaking Technology to Tackle PET Waste

A brand-new partnership has been announced this week that will see three pioneering corporations embark on a joint venture in the fight against plastic waste.   Global consumer goods company Unilever has teamed up with fresh-starter Ioniqa and one of the world’s largest PET resin producers, Indorama Ventures, to create ground-breaking technology that will enable […]

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Supermarket freezers

Tips to Help You to Reduce Household Food Waste

It is estimated that approximately a third of all food produced for humans worldwide, is wasted. To produce this food, the earth’s resource, including land and water is drained. It is vital for both households and businesses to attempt to reduce the volume of food they waste. This can be achieved quite easily, by making […]

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