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Cucumbers and tomatoes.

War on Food Waste – Wrapping Fruit and Vegetables

Many fruits and vegetables come with their own protection, one that nature has provided. It can be infuriating to many consumers going into supermarkets or corner shops to see an additional shrink wrap protection added to these goods but, there is a good reason why this packaging solution is used and it is to reduce […]

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products in a supermarket refrigerator.

Four Reasons Why Product Packaging is So Important

The perceived quality of a product, the reliability of the quality and the fulfilment of the function of the product are key elements in securing a repeat purchase, although, there is a lot more to achieving an initial sale than the raw product itself. The presentation of a product does a considerable amount of work […]

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Juice about to be packaged by shrink wrap machinery

How to Design Your Packaging to Suit Your Customer

Packaging plays such an important role in product marketing for all businesses. From food, retail, and consumer goods to industrial and the world of E-commerce, packaging is a voice for a brand, and its first impression to a customer, so it is essential that you make a good first impression.

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Chocolate waiting to be wrapped with shrink wrap film

Shrink Wrap and Chocolate

Finding the right packaging solution for heat sensitive products can be a rather hard task. Product damage is a serious concern for businesses who create things such as chocolate and confectionary. However, at first look, you probably wouldn’t expect that shrink wrap would be your first choice since shrink wrapping requires heat to properly package […]

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polyolefin shrink film and shrink wrap machine.

Why You Should Source Your Own Shrink Wrap Machine

The question of whether to outsource a shrink wrap machine or insource one can be a topic of debate for many businesses. However, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so in this feature, we will discuss the difference between outsourcing packaging and insourcing packaging by using a shrink wrap machine. No one can deny […]

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Products which been covered in polyolefin shrink wrap

2017: Packaging Trends So Far

The packaging industry is constantly evolving with new vibrant designs and creative innovations being created. 2017 has been an exciting time for the packaging industry with new trends being uncovered. So, what have we learned so far this year? We have taken a look at some of the key trends which may change the packaging […]

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