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Product waste

How to Reduce Packaging Waste for Your Business

Within all sized companies, manufacturers, distributors and retailers are always seeking out ways to cut costs from different aspects of their business. Packaging comes in many forms, from cartons, plastic bags and polyolefin shrink film, to pallets and drums. It can be used to protect and contain items or goods purchased by a consumer or […]

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All you need to know about polyolefin shrink film at Kempner

It’s not just the highest quality shrink wrap machines available at Kempner, we also stock the highest quality plastic, such as our polyolefin shrink film. When it comes to films for packaging purposes, polyolefin shrink film is an industry leader known for its durability and ease of sealing and shrinking during the packaging process.

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A shrink wrap machine as used by Kempner

Shrink Wrap vs Vacuum Packaging Machines

Many people get confused over the differences between shrink wrap packaging and vacuum wrap packaging, due to the look of the final product. Both methods use clear, flexible packaging materials that mould to the product. After this process, the look of both methods appears air tight, although we should note that shrink wrap does not […]

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Will Brexit affect the packaging industry?

As Prime Minister, Theresa May has now triggered Article 50, there is much debate about what a post-EU world will look like, but there seems to be no clarity about what life will be like once the UK has officially left the EU. One concern which has been highlighted by the packaging industry is the […]

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Supermarket food wrapped with polyolefin shrink film

The ever-expanding food industry drives demand for shrink wrap

In today’s market, different varieties of packaging should be attractive but also flexible. The use of shrink wrap and polyolefin shrink film serves as the perfect solution for packaging resolutions for all types of objects with ease and flexibility. The process of shrink-wrapping a product is to seal around an object using heat so that […]

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