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Facts About Polyolefin

Used across the world, polyolefin is favoured for being a versatile material that can be used in shrink wrap machines for a variety of different reasons. Whether it’s for transportation, packaging or safety, it is a useful plastic that is frequently acknowledged for its multi-purpose uses within businesses. However, how much do you actually know […]

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Debunking Packaging Myths

There are a number of things that you should take into consideration before your business invests in a shrink wrapper; whether they’ll be the most cost-effective method of packaging and if the machine that you’re looking for is right for your company should be up there with some of the initial questions that you’ll ask […]

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Why Shrink Wrap Reduces Food Costs

Recent research from The Complaining Cow has shown the comparisons between the price of loose supermarket fruit versus that which has been shrink wrapped for packaging. Overall, the research found that those that had used polyolefin shrink wrap was considerably cheaper.

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A Guide to the Most Common Uses for Shrink Wrap

There are many ways in which shrink wrap can be used. Whether you’re a small company looking for a method of shipping products overseas or are wondering what the best preventative methods of damage were, shrink wrap can be widely used in a variety of different ways. Discover some of the most common to decide […]

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Items which have been wrapped in polyolefin shrink wrap

Shrink Wrapping Market has Evolved over Past Decades

As one of the primary methods of packaging used globally, the shrink wrap industry is highly significant. A market that is used for both primary and secondary means of packaging, it uses the material to wrap, stretch and overlap the packaging. Used in imported goods to stores, as well as protecting products while in transit, […]

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Shrink Wrap FAQ’s

Shrink wrap is widely acknowledged as one of the most straightforward methods of packaging an item. With its ability to wrap objects no matter what their shape or size, it has proven to be an effective method. With this in mind, you probably have a vast array of questions regarding its use which you wish […]

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