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Tamper-evident pharmaceuticals

Why is Tamper-Evident Packaging Important?

Tamper-evident packaging is used in a broad range of industries by an even broader range of businesses. Not only does it provide security, but it also offers protection, in the eyes of the consumer it instils trust and in some cases, can lengthen the life cycle of a product. What is Tamper-Resistant Packaging? Tamper-resistant packaging […]

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stacks of money

How to Reduce Your Packaging Costs?

Companies, both small and large are continually searching for ways to reduce costs and remain competitive in the marketplace. All aspects of the business are evaluated, from the cost of raw materials and labour to the utility bills. This continual assessment should also include the packaging that is used; the following five points should help […]

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A ball with an angry face on it.

Packaging Rage and Battle Cap – What is It and Why It’s Important?

Package rage and battle cap are fast becoming regular phrases within households across Britain, with consumers becoming infuriated and frustrations rise with the difficulty of accessing their products due to poorly designed packaging. A survey conducted by Which? that included more than 2000 consumers found that four out of ten people have hurt themselves trying […]

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a man delivering perishable goods.

How to Transport Perishable Foods

Sending food items to loved ones and friends can be a thoughtful and well-received gesture, providing the goods arrive in their best condition and are still edible when the recipient opens them. So, how can you ensure your gift remains in top condition for when the delivery arrives at their door? We take a look […]

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A graph showing 2018’s packaging trends

Mintel Predict 2018’s Packaging Trends

Mintel, the global market research and market insight organisation has predicted an interesting insight into the packaging trends of 2018. The marketing intelligence provided by the giant Mintel is vital for businesses both large and small to utilise and assist them in making business decisions. The credible source gathers extensive research and data, evaluating various […]

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a business man holding a sign.

Boost Your Brand with Transit Packaging

A product that has been packaged well, with quality, function and appearance at the forefront of the design is known to increase the perceived quality of the item inside. The packaging can even affect how we view the brand, the usability of the item, and how it relates to alternative products. The packaging and transit […]

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Think, plan and act written on a chalk board.

How Packaging Contributes to Brand Identity

With more and more consumers using the opportunity to digitally evaluate a company by looking at product reviews, websites and talking to others that have already bought the product, the pressure for businesses to understand the needs of a target audience and create their branding and packaging to meet these needs, is always increasing. Having […]

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