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Bottles waiting to be wrapped in polyolefin shrink film

Easy Open Packaging Market Summary

Easy open packaging falls under the flexible packaging category and is designed for easy opening with no extra physical strength involved. The flexible packaging industry focuses on the product convenience which attracts a large number of consumers. Due to a competitive market, businesses have chosen to adapt to consumer needs, highlighting convenience and easy opening […]

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Boxes waiting to be wrapped in polyolefin shrink film

The Packaging Industry: Global Trends 2015-2021

Polyolefin shrink film and other types of shrink wrap are used on a variety of products for packaging purposes including, toys and electronic goods. Globalisation has resulted in the transportation of various products around the world increasing demand for robust packaging solutions to improve durability as well as a number of other factors. The constant […]

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plastic packaging used to protect strawberry punnets

Packaging Can Extend A Products Shelf Life, But How?

As the trade markets continue to increase at an impressive rate globally, the need for cost-effective, efficient and hardwearing packaging is growing too. One of the sectors that greatly benefits from the innovations of packaging is the fresh produce markets, with fresh fruits and vegetables having to travel thousands of miles across the globe to […]

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Our range of shrink wrap machinery

An Introduction to the Shrink Wrap Machine

The process of shrink wrapping a product involves two main stages and applies to the majority of products. These two processes include enveloping the pack in shrink wrap and the application of the heat which activates the materials memory of its molecular chains. This application can be divided into two types; transit and display.  

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