Case Studies

Kempner are premium shrink wrap suppliers to a great range of industries, see a few of our case studies below for success stories.

At Kempner you can buy shrink wrap for your products or you can purchase a shrink wrapping machine and shrink wrap plastic so you can invest in your business by being able to do shrink wrapping onsite.

We offer an excellent range of shrink wrap machinery for you to choose from, whether you are a relatively small business who doesn’t need to shrink wrap many products to large manufacturing scale shrink wrapping machinery to allow you to shrink wrap many products at once. ┬áTake a look at our shrink wrapping machines guide for more information on our wrapping machines.

We also sell shrink wrap plastic, of which we have a great variety in materials, each having a use for a particular product. See our shrink wrap packaging guide for more information on our shrink plastic materials.

If you have any other enquiries please contact us, our team of experts will be able to give you help and advice on what kind of shrink wrapping equipment or service would be better for you, whether it’s wrapping machines or shrink plastic you need assistance with.

Seafood Packaging Solution for a large seafood processor

Timber Packaging Solution required for a large manufacturer of garden products

Confectionery Packaging Solution required for a confectionery manufacturer

Chocolate Packaging Solution required for a hand-made chocolate manufacturer

Book Packaging Solution required for an educational book publisher

Exam Paper Packaging Solution required for University Press

Cash & Carry Packaging Solution required for rewrapping packs