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How to Choose The Right Shrink Wrapping Machine For Your Business

Choosing the right shrink wrapping machinery for your business can be a challenging affair. There are many different makes and models of machines, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here at Kempner, we have a completely comprehensive range of different shrink wrapping machinery and a team of experts who know the strengths and weaknesses […]

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Shrink Wrap Preparation Guide

Shrink wrapping products is a great way to keep items protected, as well as keep pallets loads sturdy. To shrink wrap properly it’s important to put time and thought toward preparation. Failure to do so can result in errors, wasted time and end up being extremely wasteful. Read on to find out the steps you […]

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Guide to Warehouse Organisation

Having a well-organised warehouse helps increase productivity, as well as prevent injuries and mistakes. Therefore, it’s important to determine how you can make your warehouse more orderly. Read on for to discover the best practices to help with warehouse organisation. Plan Ahead Make sure to plan before putting anything into practice. Doing so can help […]

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Is your packaging right for your product?

Having the right packaging for your product is essential, and with many rules about how to ensure your product is safe and fit for purpose, there are certain standards you must meet. However, how can you know that the packaging you want is right for your product? Deciding on the best packaging can be a […]

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