Ultra Premium Multi-Layer Shrink Films

childrens-puzzle-shrink-wrappedOur Ultra multi-layer polyolefin shrink films are designed to meet every requirement in terms of machinability, application, and cost.

The variables presented by the foregoing demand an appropriate range which is given in the following presentation of our products. We can confirm that the Ultra range does provide a wholly appropriate solution for every packaging requirement.

Our films within this range are:

Ultra JA “Super Flat flow wrap Shrink Film”

Ultra JA is a multilayer Polyolefin film with excellent optical characteristics, superior shrink appearance, and exceptional machinability and sealing properties on all shrink wrap machines, including high speed fully automatic shrink wrapping machines. It has been specifically selected for its unrivalled planarity.

Ultra JF “PVC replacement shrink film”

A true, premium, multilayer polyethylene and polypropylene shrink wrap film that features excellent tear and puncture resistance, and memory. It was designed for use over a broad range of equipment, including shrink tunnels with limited air flow. It is an ideal shrink wrap film for high profile, or irregular shaped packages.


Ultra KCA the “economical shrink film”

Ultra KCA is a tough, durable polyolefin shrink wrap film that combines high puncture and tear resistance with strong optics for packages that look as good as they perform.

A multilayer, biaxially oriented, linear low-density polyethylene and polypropylene shrink film, Ultra KCA achieves its superb shrink performance at particularly low cost.

Ultra KCB “low temperature shrink film”

Ultra KCB is supplied where certain applications are particularly demanding, and require a material with the ability to shrink at lower than standard temperatures.

Ultra JIA and Ultra JIB “all purpose shrink films”

These are strong biaxially oriented, copolymer polypropylene shrink wrap films which are ideally suited to high speed shrink wrapping machinery due to their superb flatness and stiffness. They possess excellent clarity and sparkle, and strong graphics capabilities and easily outperform competitive multilayer and polyethylene films in static seal applications. Ultra JIB is specifically treated to offer superb slip directly after the shrink process is completed.

Ultra NAS “High Speed Shrink Film”

Ultra NAS has been developed as a strong, durable Polyolefin film with great optics that combine high performance characteristics at the best possible costs.

It is a multilayer, biaxially oriented, linear low-density polyethylene and polypropylene shrink wrap film, that can perform at low tunnel temperatures, with a short dwell sealing time and has excellent puncture resistance.