Compatible with Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic ranges

The Shrink Tunnel is a vital piece of Shrink Wrapping Machinery, as it is critical in producing a properly finished shrink wrapped pack, and achieving this consistently at the right throughput speed.

With this in mind, we have a range of shrink tunnels that are fully compatible with our range of sealers which are suitable for use with Polyolefin, PVC, and Polyethylene shrink films. All are designed to achieve the best possible results.

The available range is as follows:

  • Shrink Tunnels : – MT 45 – 450mm wide aperture
  • Shrink Tunnels: – MT 55 – 550mm wide aperture
  • Shrink Tunnels: – MT 65 – 650mm wide aperture
  • Shrink Tunnels: – MT 75 – 750mm wide aperture

The Power requirements for our L-sealers and shrink tunnel packaging machines are as follows:

The L sealers require 240 volts AC 50 hz 15 amps.
The shrink tunnels require 440/415 volts 3 phase 20 amps per phase.

We would request any potential user of our shrink wrap machinery or other packaging machinery seek our specific guidance so that we can ensure that any shrink wrap equipment has been correctly selected. Please contact us now for more information and advice.

The MT45 and MT55 are both available as twin chamber shrink tunnels to allow particularly high output speeds. All our shrink tunnels may be specified for Polyethylene use; with after pack cooling is used together with a variety of alterations to the standard line roller conveyor, to suit the particular application.


Summary of features for our Shrink Tunnel range:

  • Shrink tunnels have control over volume of air recycling with the tunnel.
  • Temperature controlled via temperature controllers.
  • Fitted as standard with silicon covered live roller conveyor with adjustable speed and auto run down cycle for ease of shut down.
  • Optional out feed conveyors available on request.

As we continue to work to improve our range please note that we may vary any stated specifications without notice.

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