Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines

We offer a number of automatic sealers that are suitable for different packs, and different volume requirements. These are both Automatic L Sealers, and for even faster throughput, Side Sealers. Our Automatic L Sealers are supplied either as single body machines, where the Sealer and Shrink tunnel are incorporated within the same frame, or as separate units. In these cases we can also supply stand alone Shrink Tunnels.

Accordingly, we offer a series of shrink tunnels within our shrink wrapping machine ranges that are compatible with all of our wrapping machinery. They are suitable for all production line speeds, from the simplest manual shrink wrapping machines through to high speed flow wrappers and continuous motion side sealers.

Our policy regarding shrink tunnel development is to offer shrink tunnels that are capable of matching any end user requirement.

We would request any potential user of our packaging machines to seek our specific guidance so that we can ensure that any shrink tunnel has been correctly selected. Please contact us for further information about shrink tunnels and packaging machines.

Automatic Shrink Wrapping

Combined Automatic L-sealers and Tunnels

  • Mono-block machines where sealer and tunnel are mounted on a single chassis – with a single power supply and a small foot print.
  • Fitted with casters to aid moving the machine to different productivity centres.

LA5000T – 450mm x 410mm plan sealing dimensions
LA6000T – 610mm x 480mm plan sealing dimensions and fitted with centre seal as standard.

Automatic L Sealer & Shrink Tunnel Control Options

Automatic L-Sealer range

LA6000CS – 610mm x 480mm plan sealing dimensions
LA8000CS – 860mm x 670mm plan sealing dimensions

All of our Automatic L Sealers and Combined Automatic L Sealers and Tunnel shrink wrapping machines have the following features:

  • Radius seal blade join – when the seal is made there is no cut into the waste film minimising the scrap required and hence reducing your on-going film costs.
  • The shrink wrap film is advanced simultaneously with the scrap wind up – minimising the scrap required and allowing light weight products to be wrapped easily.
  • Multi-pack function – allows multiple packs and packs that would normally trigger the photocell prematurely to be run without problems.
  • Fitted with kissing conveyors to ease the transfer of product from infeed to outfeed conveyors.
  • Fitted with Centre seal function as standard – centring the seal to the height of the pack, minimising the amount of film used and allowing higher packs to be wrapped.
  • Each seal bar has independent temperature control.
  • Low level shrink wrap film position for easy loading of film rolls.
  • Fitted with adjustable perforation devices
  • Fitted with touch screen display to control machine functions.

Automatic Side Sealer range of Shrink Wrapping Machines

APSS 5022 – 500mm wide seal
APSS 7522 – 750mm wide seal
APSS 10022 – 1000mm wide seal

Our Automatic Side Sealers have the following features:

  • Machine frame manufactured in Aluminium and painted steel construction
  • Infeed with conveyor belt in line with machine direction
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyor belts have maximum speed of approx. 35 metres/minute
  • Product detection by horizontal or vertical photocell
  • Longitudinal continuous seal via permanently heated sealing blade
  • Waste shrink wrap film spooled up by wind up mechanism with film break control
  • Selection switch for right-handed/left-handed wound film
  • Maintenance free side sealing system, permanently heated, with integrated blade
  • Retractable infeed conveyor belt for ease of film threading
  • Adjustable cross seal and side seal height
  • Inverting triangle fully adjustable
  • PLC machine control and Touch Screen control system fitted as standard
  • 20 different program settings can be stored for different pack setups

Feeding the Shrink Wrap Film into Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines

Putting the Shrink Wrap Film underneath the Gripper Roller in an Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Putting the Shrink Wrap Film in place ready for automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines

Manual Seal

As we continue to work to improve our range of wrapping machinery please note that we may vary any stated specifications without notice.

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