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a carton of eggs

7 Great Food Packaging Designs In 2019

Packaging is very important as it is not only the sole protector of your product, but it also can double up as some very effective marketing, if you get it right. Not only that, consumers look for an indication from packaging that they are making the ‘right choice’. This, in itself, gives a lot of […]

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The planet

What Packaging Materials are Biodegredable?

The UK has recently announced its plans of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050, under the government’s new plan to tackle climate change. Britain is the first major nation to have proposed this target, perhaps after increasing pressures from demonstration groups such as the extinction rebellion and it has been praised by […]

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Carrots and Leeks placed on a wooden table

A Guide to Shipping Perishable Goods

In an age where you can acquire products from all over the world, regardless of the country of origin, it is important to consider how to uphold the quality of goods, particularly during shipping. This is even more pressing when dealing with perishable goods due to requiring a precisely controlled environment, packaging, and so on […]

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