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A shrink wrap machine as used by Kempner

Shrink Wrap vs Vacuum Packaging Machines

Many people get confused over the differences between shrink wrap packaging and vacuum wrap packaging, due to the look of the final product. Both methods use clear, flexible packaging materials that mould to the product. After this process, the look of both methods appears air tight, although we should note that shrink wrap does not […]

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What to Know Before Purchasing a Shrink Wrap Machine

A shrink wrap machine is beneficial for businesses, as it allows for fast wrapping of packs. These machines are user friendly, as their height can be easily adjusted. They fulfil every shrink wrap requirement when wrapping packages. Whether you are thinking of purchasing a semi-automatic machine, a fully automatic machine, or a chamber shrink wrapping […]

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Warehouse Efficiency Tips (Part 2)

Whatever role you have in a business, it’s likely that you’re always looking for ways to improve warehouse efficiency. You want to be able to get things in and out of it as quickly as possible, especially if you have a huge order on its way. However, while hunting for the next best thing, you […]

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3 Top Tips for Storing Your Stock

If you’re a small business owner just starting out or expanding your company, these tips will prove invaluable when it comes to deciding how you’re going to look after your stock. However, even if you’re in charge of a bigger operation there may well still be a tip or too that you’ve missed – check […]

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Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap

At Kempner we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible to our customers. Whether that’s through the provision of our high quality shrink wrapping equipment or providing you with informative and interesting blogs to mull over, we aim to deliver only the best. That’s why we work with shrink wrap; we know just how […]

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Warehouse Efficiency Tips (Part 1)

We’re sure you’re all aware of the effective and efficiency-inducing superpowers of our fantastic shrink wrapping film; and so you should be! It’s the perfect organisational tool for helping you keep all your stock stacked safely and neatly. Shrink wrap is perfect for a range of uses, some more bizarre than others, but one of […]

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Bizarre Uses for Shrink Wrap

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our shrink wrapping equipment and the amount of industries that can find a use for it. But every now and then we come across something truly bizarre that we think needs highlighting. Some of these are creative, some are just a little bit strange, but we wouldn’t recommend […]

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Shrink Wrapping for Your Online Business

If you’ve moved your store front to online, as opposed to inside a physical shop, it’s likely that you’ve noticed a number of benefits. You’ll probably save money on rent, staffing, among many other benefits. In our recent blog, we talked about the new packaging regulations that have come into force in order to bring […]

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