Five benefits of shrink wrap poster.

5 Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap

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Shrink wrap is used for a wide variety of products and many of the items we buy and use every day will have been in contact with the packaging solution at some point in its lifecycle. But, do you know why so many businesses are choosing this solution for the packaging of their products? Discover the main benefits of using shrink wrap, here.

Five benefits of shrink wrap poster.

Shrink wrap, is a plastic film that can be wrapped around a wide variety of products, whether they are large or small, square or misshaped. Once the shrink wrap has covered the product, heat is applied and the plastic wrap reduces in size and shrinks around the item. The shrink wrap tightly encases the item and matches the shape of the enclosed.
Shrink wrapping can be conducted in several ways, shrink wrapping machinery can be used. The item is placed in a shrink wrap bag, then put into the machine where the heat is then applied, and the wrap shrinks around the item, amongst other methods. Many shrink-wrapping machines can wrap, heat and seal in one stage, optimising the efficiency of packaging a product.
Shrink wrapping is used in a vast number of industries due to its ease of use and the protection it provides the items with. Below are just some of the benefits of shrink wrapping your products.


Shrink wrap, unlike other packaging options, holds its shape extremely well. Once the item has been wrapped, the packaging is very unlikely to slacken or wilt. Not only does this provide protection for your product but it also ensures that the packaging remains attractive and in the finest state when it reaches the consumer. Packaging that appears to be worn or ‘old’ can often deter buyers and encourages them to search for an alternative.


Shrink wrap protects the items enclosed within it from potential external damage. Dust, moisture and dirt can all damage a product, making it either unusable or tainted in the eyes of the consumer. Shrink wrap closely encases the item, which provides a seal of plastic protection, which should ensure your product remains in the best condition.


Due to the tight seal, the shrink wrap creates and that it does not lose its shape once heated, any interference or tampering with the product will be obvious. For this reason, shrink wrap is frequently used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as in banking and government. If the medicines, foods, money or sensitive documents are shrink wrapped, it will be immediately noticed if the items have been handled.

Space Saving

Unlike cardboard or bulky plastic packaging, shrink wrap requires minimal space. Several of the same items can be wrapped together, such as multipacks of bottled water, this not only ensures the bottles remain together, but it also takes up much less room than a cardboard alternative would.

Shrink wrap is also considerably light in comparison to cardboard. This reduces the cost of transporting the items, as the lighter the product, the less fuel is required to get it to the store.


One of the main benefits of shrink wrap is that it can be used for products of many shapes and sizes, many it suitable and convenient for a range of industries. Whether you are packaging a food product or electrical goods, the benefits of shrink wrap when compared to other packaging solutions out weight the negatives.

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