polyolefin shrink film and shrink wrap machine.

Why You Should Source Your Own Shrink Wrap Machine

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The question of whether to outsource a shrink wrap machine or insource one can be a topic of debate for many businesses. However, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so in this feature, we will discuss the difference between outsourcing packaging and insourcing packaging by using a shrink wrap machine. No one can deny that packaging is an integral part of a business, and it is crucial not to ignore or neglect this vital element as that can lead to serious problems. Therefore, it is essential that business owners find the best solution for their packaging needs. This leads us in helping you find out the pros and cons of outsourcing and insourcing packaging.

polyolefin shrink film and shrink wrap machine.

Outsourcing Advantages

  • If you choose to outsource your shrink wrap machine, you can be given more time to focus on the core of your business which will lead to less time spent worrying about the day-to-day problems which arise with packaging your own products. You can leave those worries to the outsourcing company, who specialise in this type of packaging and will be capable of dealing with any problems which may arise.
  • Outsourcing may help in reducing costs by the company giving you a fixed rate for a particular service.
  • Outsourcing can allow you to have access to packaging expertise when you need it.
  • Packaging supplies will remain consistent in their standards which will reduce inspection.

Outsourcing Disadvantages

  • When outsourcing, you will have to take into account that you are sourcing your packaging from another company and you are not the only customer they are dealing with. Therefore, your orders may not take priority or even be completed on time.
  • If the outsourcing company are packaging other products in the facility, there could be a risk of cross-contamination of your products. Make sure you check that the outsourcing company deals primarily in your type of business to avoid this.
  • Communication and management issues could arise due to the inability to work face to face.

Insourcing Advantages

  • If you decide to do your shrink wrap packaging in-house, it will mean that all decisions are under control meaning that you can implement all operations in line with your company’s policies and procedures.
  • Insourcing will allow you to develop, work closely with and build good relationships with your employees or team. Surely a business where staff feel valued will do better than a business where staff don’t feel appreciated?
  • It will allow you to set your own standards and have no worries about sloppy workmanship as well as giving you the opportunity for you to set your own standards.
  • By investing in your own shrink wrap machine, you can save money in various ways. It can help cut down the costs that are associated with time, shipping and space.

 Insourcing disadvantages

  • While this option has many advantages, it can sometimes be costly for some businesses to implement.
  • Businesses may possess inadequate knowledge or technology to implement in-house packaging. However, if you purchase your polyolefin shrink film and supplies from a reliable company, they are sure to be on hand to assist you with any questions you have.

Of course, there are pros and cons for both options. However, it is wise to weigh out both options and really decide on what would be best for your business. If you are looking to invest in your very own shrink wrap machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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