shrink wrap used in many ways

8 more uses for shrink wrap

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From the beginning, when shrink wrap was first introduced, to now, many, many items have been wrapped in the high-tech plastic packaging. Ranging from everyday items such as food and paper, to lighthouses, boats and even people! We’ve compiled a list that shows the versatility of shrink wrap, from everyday to the most unusual things we’ve seen:

shrink wrap used in many ways

Food packaging

The main use for shrink wrap which many of you will have come into contact with on a regular basis, is of course for food packaging purposes. The properties of this plastic mean that the chances of cross contamination are dramatically reduced; the item is protected and securely packaged all for a very low price.

Wedding photographs

We recently wrote about an unusual wedding photography trend that has swept Japan, in these photographs, couples are shrink wrapped together and very quickly photographed. With just four seconds to achieve the perfect photo, these images are supposed to symbolise unity and togetherness, but in a very bizarre way!


One of our own clients tasked us with shrink wrapping planks of timber, with the need for high output speeds, and high quality packaging plastic to keep the wood secure. This was easily done with the use of our high-speed side sealer, which is perfect for larger objects!


Nottawasaga Lighthouse was saved from the terrible weather conditions it faced this autumn after being carefully wrapped in shrink plastic. The plastic ensured that the insides were not flooded as repairs to the grand tower could not be put into place until the New Year. Another great example of where shrink wrap has become a hero!


From small items such as soaps and bath bombs to large hampers, shrink wrapping is a wonderful way to wrap gifts. If you are a small company and are in need of a packaging solution, shrink wrap could be the answer, with its capabilities of wrapping many unusual shapes and sizes, our machines will get the job done in no time.

Transporting aircrafts and boats

Another example of where shrink plastic has been used for protection purposes is found in the military, where they utilised this product to protect a damaged E-2 Hawkeye aircraft as it was transported between Japan and the U.S.

Creating innovative sleeping pods

Heading up the competition at UrbanCamp Amsterdam in 2015 was the innvovative shrink wrap sleeping pod, created as a weather-proof shelter of simplicity, this has spurred many on to re-consider quite how versatile shrink wrap can be, particularly due to its incredibly low cost.

Image: F. Kesselring, FKuR Willich


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