shrink wrap packaging equipment

Will shrink wrapping work for your products?

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When looking into packaging solutions for your business, you may have many options to consider, each coming with their own list of pros and cons. Ideally, you want the most versatile, durable and cost effective solution possible that meets your every need. We think that shrink wrap packaging could be the perfect solution, but you may be wondering if the shrink wrapping process would work for your product…

shrink wrap packaging equipment


Shrink wrap is suitable for all sorts of products, from transporting timber and protecting lighthouses, to stopping cross contamination in food produce. The variety of packaging equipment available, from semi-automatic to fully automatic and filling pouch machines, we’re sure that there is a product to suit every industry, not matter how large or small your products. Feel free to get in touch with us today for a consultation on how our shrink machines could benefit your business.


Polyolefin plastic may seem incredibly thin; in fact, it is the thinnest on the market; however, this certainly doesn’t compromise its strength capabilities. Having been tried and tested for many years, there is a reason that shrink wrap is soon to be the leading option for packaging choices! No matter what your product, shrink plastic can provide the protection you need.


Shrink wrap is known for its low costs, with an initial outlay for the packaging machine, the polyolefin plastic itself is very economically friendly. This means that you can keep costs down in packaging facilities, allowing you an extra budget to better your product in other ways. This gives the customer added value and could be a game changer in your industry.

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