polyolefin plastics market growth predicted in coloured arrows

Market size increases predicted for polyolefin plastics

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The polyolefin plastic market has seen a great increase over the last five years as more and more business begin to utilise this as a tool for their industry. The versatility of the plastics, whether used in sheet form, moulded form or used as an outdoor coating, means that the list of uses is ever expanding, which research shows, directly correlates to the market size.

polyolefin plastics market growth predicted in coloured arrows

New predictions show that the polyolefin plastic market could reach a total of $297,09 billion (£237,58 billion) by 2021. The increasing demand for these high quality durable, reliable and cost effective products means that the market is growing at a record rate.

Many businesses are looking deep into their supply chains to see what they can replace with a polyolefin plastic alternative to give them a longer life, as well as making them more cost effective. Experts predict that the demand for these plastics will soon overtake that of cardboard and wood as the features of polyolefin plastics outperform many of those held by the materials mentioned.

The biggest drive in the polyolefin market currently is in film and sheet form. Used mainly in conjunction with both manual and automatic shrink wrap machinery, this method makes for an excellent packaging choice for a range of industries, from the food market, such as product packaging, carrier bags and bottles to building resources, construction tools and to meet transportation needs.

What’s even better news is that if the recycling trail initiatives from the REFLEX project prove to be successful, the actual figures could massively surpass the predications above. This would make for an economically as well as environmentally friendly packaging option with endless possibilities. It may be a waiting game for now, but the future of polyolefin plastics is looking very bright





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