Pouch Filling Machine

Kempner launches a new range of pouch filling equipment

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We are pleased to say that we are now offering a fantastic range of pouch filling equipment that offers a cost effective solution for pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, household and food packaging equipment. This unique range of pack filling machines are to be used with pre-made laminate pouches.

Pouch Filling Machine

Constructed in stainless steel and using state of the art components, the equipment is exactly suited to fulfilling the needs of a large variety of sectors’ individual requirements, using liquids, powders, granules, creams, and pastes.

Our range of filling equipment is specifically tapered to incorporate your unique customer requirements, where we tailor the final design with consideration to key areas such as conveying, measuring, feeding, bag forming, filling, date code printing, cutting and bag sealing.

The very significant attributes which distinguish the range are as follows:

  • Very highly competitive pricing.
  • High build quality and robustness featuring a motor driven heat seal film pulling system, photo optic sensors, PLC control, touch screen control, self-diagnostics, and PID temperature control within +- 1C.
  • Versatility to suit a large range of pre-made pouches, including stand up pouches, and those with different shapes, including screw tops, spouts and zippers etc.
  • Ease of use in operation, and in changing between sizes and materials.
  • Ability to use interface with existing filling equipment
  • Speeds achievable of 20 – 45 ppm


Please contact us here at Kempner at your earliest opportunity to discuss your pack filling needs.

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