The benefits of using a shrink wrap machine for your business

What are the benefits of using shrink wrap packaging?

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With so many choices of how you can package your product on the market these days, it’s getting harder to weigh up the pros and cons of the different options to decide upon the best solution for your business. Shrink wrapping, however, has a variety of benefits which can provide the perfect solution for several different kinds of businesses. Below are just some of the benefits that shrink wrapping can offer.

The benefits of using a shrink wrap machine for your business

Space saving

As shrink wrapping enables the plastic film to shrink and tightly seal the product, it makes the product smaller as well as easier to store, taking up less space. This means you can fit more of your product into your warehouse, helping to speed up the turnaround of your business.


The plastic film used in shrink wrapping is an extremely durable material, which is high quality and difficult to damage. Shrink wrapping products also ensures they are completely sealed, protecting them from various harmful factors such as moisture and dirt.


Compared to a number of other packaging options, shrink wrapping is extremely cost-effective, especially when you invest in a shrink wrapping machine to use with a large number of products. The fact that shrink wrapping helps to save space also means you can store more items in the same amount of space, or use the remaining space for other purposes. It also means more products can be shipped at once as the products will require less space in transit.

Visually appealing

Rather than dressing the item up as something it isn’t, shrink wrapping displays the product exactly as it is, though adds as extra gloss and sparkle to the exterior, making it more visually appealing to the consumer.

More eco-friendly

Using shrink wrapping is also beneficial not only for your business but also the environment. The Polyolefin film we supply here at Kempner is far more environmentally friendly than the other packaging solutions available on the market. This is because even though it is a very thin material it is just as strong, if not stronger, than paper or card, meaning less material is needed to achieve the same results.

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