Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap

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At Kempner we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible to our customers. Whether that’s through the provision of our high quality shrink wrapping equipment or providing you with informative and interesting blogs to mull over, we aim to deliver only the best. That’s why we work with shrink wrap; we know just how great of an invention it is!

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Whether it’s in a warehouse or on a farm, opting for shrink wrap offers an incredibly durable solution to the task at hand. Not only is it a durable answer to your packaging problems, but it also serves to protect the stock you wish to store, as well as helping to offer protection to items you wish to transport.


Opting for shrink wrap over a selection of other packaging products is extremely cost-effective. Cardboard packaging can cost up to 60% more than shrink wrap and even helps you to save space, comparative to if you were to box your stock. Equally, the protective nature of shrink wrap means that it is also cost-effective in relation to damage prevention.


With less materials being used, and the recyclability of shrink wrap, it becomes a very environmentally friendly packaging option. More and more companies are attempting to reduce the amount of packaging they use at each stage of their product delivery, so why not opt for shrink wrap right from the start? The compact nature of the shrink wrap certainly makes it easier to transport. Not only that, comparative to just about any other type of packaging, it weighs next to nothing!

Shrink Film

The durable and protective nature of shrink wrap makes it an excellent solution to your packaging needs. Equally, reducing the amount of packaging used throughout transportation is very much in-keeping with the current climate of packaging reduction and serves to offer a fantastically green-image to customers, staff and shareholders alike.

So, if you would like to discuss your individual business needs with one of our team of shrink wrap shrinks, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us on 020 8952 5262, where we are always eager to help make your business operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

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