Bizarre Uses for Shrink Wrap

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We pride ourselves on the versatility of our shrink wrapping equipment and the amount of industries that can find a use for it. But every now and then we come across something truly bizarre that we think needs highlighting.

Some of these are creative, some are just a little bit strange, but we wouldn’t recommend that you try these at home. Primarily because all of the following involve shrink wrapping a person! Maybe look at some of the things you can shrink wrap instead.

Close-up of a senior woman with a horrified look on her face.

In the Name of Art

Japanese artist, known as Photographer Hal, has shrink wrapped Tokyo’s clubbers for a book and show in California. Although the results are somewhat captivating, his tale about asking people off the streets whether they’d mind being packed in plastic and photographed seems a little bizarre.

For Fashion

Much like the artwork above, the runway is no stranger to the beauty of shrink wrap. At last year’s autumn Paris Fashion Week, designer Iris Van Herpen shrink wrapped some of her models to decorate the catwalk.  With tubing and metallic clothing, it looked as though the feel she was going for was a futuristic theme, but it just looks a little strange to us!

Businessman overwhelmed with hand on his face and isolated on dark background.

Supposed Weight Loss

Not quite the use of ‘shrink wrap’ that we refer to here at Kempner, but some beauty gurus and Oscar nominees swear by wrapping themselves in plastic to rid themselves of fat cells in a quick and effortless way. Some more ‘advanced’ methods involve rubbing a person with essential oils beforehand to draw lipids away from the body.

However, we can assure you that shrink wrapping yourself is likely to do nothing more than make you sweat profusely and lose water weight; weight that you’ll put straight back on as soon as you have a drink!

What You Should Shrink Wrap

Now we admire the above for their bravery when it comes to concocting ideas of what they can shrink wrap. However, it’s versatile enough that you should just stick to the typical industries.

If you have something that could genuinely benefit from shrink wrap, or you’re feeling slightly more artistic, then Kempner can help! For more information about our machines and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can speak to a member of our friendly team by calling 020 8952 5262.

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