Shrink Wrapping for Your Online Business

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If you’ve moved your store front to online, as opposed to inside a physical shop, it’s likely that you’ve noticed a number of benefits. You’ll probably save money on rent, staffing, among many other benefits.

In our recent blog, we talked about the new packaging regulations that have come into force in order to bring packaging for online orders up to scratch with physical businesses. As a result, it seems that the obvious option to meet this new legislation is to use shrink wrap film.

But what other benefits are there of packaging your online orders using shrink wrap?

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Cost Effective

As someone who operates online, keeping costs down is probably something you strive for. That’s why shrink wrapping makes perfect sense for your business.

A shrink wrap machine doesn’t require masses of space, you’ll use up to 75% less shrink material than corrugated alternatives, and it costs less to ship orders because the end result won’t be as bulky as other packaging options, such as packaging peanuts.

It Protects Your Products

Whether you’re a start-up company or a multimillion pound business, the need to make sure that your products are protected is the same.

Using shrink wrap ensures that items you want to ship to customers are safe from humidity, dust, dirt.

It’s also easy for your customers to get into once their package reaches them, which will win you some brownie points!

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Getting What You Pay For

It’s annoying, but sometimes orders can get mixed up and the wrong item gets sent to the wrong person. If you use clear plastic to wrap your products, customers will be able to see if they’ve been sent the right item before they rip it open!

Time Saving

Take a look at our step by step guide to shrink wrapping video to see just how quick and easy a shrink wrap machine is to use! If you use hand wrapped, bulky packaging at the moment, this could save you a spectacular amount of time; time that could be sent on promoting your business.

So there you have it, just a few of the ways a shrink wrap machine and film can benefit your online business. We hope it inspires you to enhance your thriving online venture!

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