Shrink Wrap Film Uses

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Shrink wrap film can be used in hundreds of different ways, whether you want to protect a large item during shipment or just want to package a product, shrink wrap film is the most versatile form of packaging there is.

It has been used to package everything from in the supermarket to boats and helicopters that are being transported to a new destination, there is no job too big or small for shrink wrap film.

Due to its versatility a number of packaging machines and systems have been developed to cope with the various applications that are demanded of the film.  For smaller items that would fit inside a shopping basket the machinery solution is quite easy, but how would do you wrap bigger items, such as a car, or even a helicopter?

Larger items that require shrink wrapping are often covered in shrink wrap film then heated with a heat gun to make the film shrink to the shape of the product. This method is the most common way of shrink wrapping large, bulky items for shipment, storage or even protection.

In the United States, shrink wrap film is often used to protect houses or buildings against hurricane damage or bad weather conditions. Hurricanes in America are notorious for dealing massive damage to houses and buildings, so shrink wrapping them is a cost-effective way of preserving a structure and all of it’s components.

Shrink wrap film is also used in disaster areas or areas of urban devastation where buildings or structures may be at a higher risk of collapse or of shedding debris. Buy using shrink film to wrap these buildings any further danger can often be prevented, as the shrink plastic will prevent any debris falling and will give more protection if the building does come down.

Shrink wrap film comes in a variety of forms, each with it’s own use. Flat rollstock shrink film is designed to be wrapped around a product – like a boat or a house – and then heat is used to seal the plastic film together. This kind of shrink plastic is usually on used in conjunction with industrial items, such as shipping large machinery or items. You cannot use a packaging machine for this kind of film as it is generally too large to fit in commercial packaging machinery.

Centrefolded shrink wrap film is what you tend to find around magazines and items that seen to be in a bag. This type of shrink plastic works by placing the product in the middle of the sheet and folding the edges over, putting it in a machine that uses heat to seal the bag and shrink the package to the size of the product. There are also pre-formed shrink plastic bags that come with one end unsealed, allowing you to place the item inside and heat the opening to seal it. Both of these methods are the best shrink film option for use with packaging machines of most commercial shapes and sizes.

At Kempner, we are experts in providing shrink wrap plastic that is ideal for retail. It is quite light and thin with a high clarity medium that makes it ideal for retail purposes by allowing you to clearly see the product the shrink wrap is encasing. This kind of shrink wrap film is valued for it’s good optics, presentation value and shelf appeal, as well as providing an effective anti-tamper aspect to make it clear if a product has been tampered with.

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